Nitro Flat White (6 / 12 Pack)

Nitro Flat White (6 / 12 Pack)

  • Nitro Flat White
    A delicious flat white that hug your from the inside!
    Double shot of Kenyan coffee with oat drink and a touch of nitrogen for a creamy mouthfeel - that’s it.
    Brewed hot to extract full flavour and natural sweetness.

    ❄️Because we’re dealing with a cold beverage, we must ship via 2-day GLS Express packaged on ice to ensure freshness. 

    18,20€ pro L Preis inkl. MwSt und 0,25€ Pfand pro Dose, zzgl. Versand
    Pfandrückgabe auch an Leergutautomaten möglich.

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Before ordering, please note:


  • Orders of Nitro Flat White will be packed on ice and shipped via 2-day GLS to help preserve the freshness of the product.
  • Orders placed Sunday-Wednesday will ship the following day. Orders placed Thursday-Saturday will ship out on the following Monday.
  • Our daily order cut-off time is 9:00 in the morning (CET). Orders placed before 9:00 Monday-Thursday will ship the same day.
  • Refrigerate product upon arrival.


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