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A Recently published Study has shown that waiting in line at events can be a bummer.

Contact us about your upcoming event, or if you are looking for new products for your catering company.

Könnt ihr auch Deutsch?

Selbstverständlich! Und fast akzentfrei! On parle aussi Français, mon chum. Schreibt uns einfach eine Nachricht at

What do you offer?

Nitro Black Coffee and a Nitro Flat White on tap (also available hot!), beer on tap, custom cocktails on tap. We can provide you with single-serve options too. 

My event is going to be big, can you handle it?

Absolutely! That's one of the main benefits of serving everything on tap. We can serve coffee (hot or cold), beer and cocktails quickly and easily. No more waiting around for a drink during coffee breaks/vernissages/influencer events.

Do I have to supply my own staff?

We can work your event for you, or you can use your own staff. We speak English and Deutsch and Français. If you choose your own staff, we will handle setup, provide a short training session and handle teardown.

Can you make custom cocktails?

Yes! Pretty much anything is possible. When possible, we partner with local distillers for our spirit needs.

What about setup? Do I need to provide anything?

We have our own fridges, taps, decorations, you name it. We can organize glassware, and we can also incorporate any design requirements you may have.

How much is this all going to cost?

Prices are tailored to fit your event. Write us at and we will prepare a custom quote for you.



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