A recent Scientific study suggests that nearly 97% of customers in bars, restaurants or shops Like to drink good drinks. 

If you own a bar, restaurant or shop and are interested in stocking any of our drinks, please get in touch!

Könnt ihr auch Deutsch?

Na logisch! Alter, wir können sogar Französisch. Quatscht uns mal an!

What can you offer me as a bar, restaurant or shop?

We have a few different kinds of beer, Nitro Coffee, Nitro Flat White, bottled Flash Brew Coffee and even DIY Coffee Beans. We also make cocktails to serve on tap.

What do you have, kegs? Cans?

We offer our drinks in kegs and cans (330ml). Let us know what you want.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Inside Berlin, a Motel Minibar employee will bring you your order in person. We can often help with any technical issues you might have, answer any questions about the product, and we also happily help with annoying stuff like carrying heavy kegs down the dangerously steep stairs into your spider-filled basement. We will ship orders if you live outside of Berlin.

When do you deliver? What does it cost?

Every Thursday (only in Berlin!), starting around 11:00. If your bar doesn't open until 18:00, no sweat. If you want us there at a specific time, we can do that too.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

Yes. One crate (24 beers or coffees). Since we want you to be happy, we can do mixed crates. For example, maybe you want multiple kinds of beer, but you only have space for one crate in your very tiny nose-to-tail restaurant? Sure, mix and match until you have a full crate.

How much do your drinks cost?

Our drinks have a very good Preisleistungsverhältnis. We don't skimp on ingredients, processes, packaging or people. Write us at orders@motelminibar.com for a current price list.

OK, let's do this! How do we order?

Please email us at orders@motelminibar.com and we'll get started!



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