A96 - Fresh Hop Kellerpils (6 / 12 Pack)

A96 - Fresh Hop Kellerpils (6 / 12 Pack)

  • A kellerpils brewed with fresh hops that we brought back from the harvest!
    We collaborated with one old favourite and one new  favourite hop farmer to brew TWO limited edition Kellerpils with fresh hops from this year‘s harvest! Both are light, refreshing and easy drinking. We brewed them to show are how important and tasty the work of a farmer is! Both hops were picked up on our road trip in late August in South Germany and Slovenia and brought back to Berlin by train. 

    A96 – Kellerpils – Ludwig Version 

    Brewed with Rottenburger! A late variety that almost disappeared... Click the link to really nerd out on the history!
    The Locher family have been growing hops (and a hectare of apples) for more than 120 years. We're super happy to have found them and are very excited to work with such experienced farmers who grow really fantastic hops (and make some pretty tasty Schnaps too!). Their farm is in Missenhardt close to the Bodensee. 

    15,30€ pro L Preis inkl. MwSt und 0,25€ Pfand pro Dose, zzgl. Versand

    Pfandrückgabe auch an Leergutautomaten möglich

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When we opened the box of Rottenburger hops that we got from Tettnang hop farmer Ludwig Locher, there was a note inside that said: "Here's some Rottenburger that don't smell like a rotten burger." Read more about this unique hop on their website!

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