Best Falls - Session IPA

Best Falls - Session IPA

  • SESSION IPA - Alk. 4,2% vol.  
    Dangerously easy to drink, this super fresh, light and hoppy beer is one of our favourite seasonal editions! Bright and slightly hazy this beer is brewed with the greatest hits of American hops, giving you all the fruitiness and hoppiness you dream of, but in a light beer!

    12,87€ pro L Preis inkl. MwSt und 0,25€ Pfand pro Dose, zzg. Versand
    Pfandrückgabe auch an Leergutautomaten möglich

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The largest brewery in New York state is in Baldwinsville. They produce over 700 million liters of beer every year. If all that beer was dumped over the American falls, it'd take 41 minutes until it ran dry.


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