• Zelen Pale Ale – Alk. 5,7% vol.
    In August 2018 we visited 4th generation hop farmer Blaž Bosnar to source new Slovenian hops for our beers. We also met biodynamic winemaker Primož Lavrenčič from Burja Estate. Turns out they know each other too.
    Isn’t that fun!
    Anyway here’s a Zelen Pale Ale with Blaž’s hops and Primož’s must.

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On our first visit to Slovenia our friends at Pelicon told us to visit their friend Primož, a natural wine producer from Burja Estate in the Vipava Valley. When he came to visit us later that year, he wouldn't set foot in the brewery because it was packaging day and "packaging day is too stressful." So he left us 6 bottles wine on the loading ramp and walked off into the Reinickendorf sunset.

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