MOTEL Grand Banks

MOTEL Grand Banks

  • IMPERIAL COFFEE STOUT – Alk. 8.5% vol.
    This was an Imperial Stout that we brewed to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We used Thomas Fawcett Malt and Kenyan SL-28 coffee from the Mutheka Co-op in Nyeri. Thank you all for a great first year!

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Iceberg dead ahead

Marie wanted to design something with a polar motif, but we didn't want to be too obvious and use Polaris hops. Then Marie said that she particularly wanted to make a lable with icebergs. Since Canada is usually a pretty unexciting place, the news was going crazy about a huge iceberg floating by the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. Motel Avalon Peninsula didn't really roll off the tongue, but the Avalon Peninsula extends into the Grand Banks which we all agreed sounded better.