MOTEL Hidden Sands Special Edition

MOTEL Hidden Sands Special Edition

  • SOUR PALE ALE – Alk. 5% vol.
    Hidden Sands is our first experiment with sour beer. In May 2017 we soured one of the kegs from the first batch of White Sands. This hoppy, lemony and refreshing sour pale ale is the result.

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Basement Treasures

Hidden Sands was the name we gave to two different kegs of intentionally soured beer. One with Lactobacillus and one with Brettanomyces-C. We hid them in our storage in the Markthalle Neun basement and waited for the magic to happen. Unfortunately we hid them so well we completely forgot about them until Wurst & Bier (almost 8 months later). We thought about calling it "Forgotten Sands" but it sounded a little too much like an erotic thriller.