RKD Pack (6 Pack)
RKD Pack (6 Pack)

RKD Pack (6 Pack)

  • RKD PACK with 3 Schneeeule Berliner Weisse!
    We teamed up with neighbours and buds Schneeeule to bring you a little something special, straight outta Reinickendorf.
    All proceeds go towards keeping the lights on and the beer flowing.
    We also made an extra-special-price because we're extra-special-nice.

    The pack contains:
    1 x Kennedy, 1 x Marlene and 1 x Yasmin from Schneeeule 
    1 x Shady Pines (IPA), 1 x Schattige Kiefer (IPA) and 1 x Reinickendorf (Kellerbier) from us.

    6 pack 24,00€ (12,12€ pro l) Preis inkl. MwSt und 0,25€ Pfand pro Dose, 0,08€ pro Flasche, zzgl. Versand
     Pfandrückgabe auch an Leergutautomaten möglich

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fun fact


In the unfinished Bond Film, From Reinickendorf with Affection, James Bond meets Felix Leiter in a kneipe. Felix orders 3 different Berliner Weisse and James orders two ales and a lager.

What a coincidence! 


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