Savinja Valley

Savinja Valley

  • IPA - Alk. 7,0% vol.  
    Slovenia is maybe the best place on earth. It’s full of natural wine, hops, mountains, rivers, delicious food and wonderful people. After our first visit, we fell hard and decided to brew an all-Slovenian IPA. We used hops sourced directly from two farms in the Savinja Valley, Bosnar Hop Farm and Rojnik Hops. This is our love song to Slovenia

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morning schnaps

We were in Slovenia visiting our hop farmer, Blaž, and his mom served us some  homemade walnut schnaps. She asked us if we thought it was strong. We answered "No," to which she replied, "well if it's not strong enough, just drink a second one." It was 9:14 A.M.


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