Office Delivery

 Research has shown that employees who have access to tasty beverages are more likely to do tasty work.

Können wir auf Deutsch bestellen?

Na klar! Oder auf Französisch. "On parle aussi Français," klingt so elegant oder?

What kind of tasty things can you bring to my office?

We offer our Nitro Coffee and Nitro Flat White, the entire range of Motel Beer, and also Coffee Beans if you are into the whole DIY thing. We also offer Cocktails on tap if you have an upcoming special event or party!

This might sound crazy, but can you set up a nitro coffee tap in my office?

Why, yes! That's not crazy at all. In fact, it's way easier and cooler than you think to set up a custom Nitro Tap in your office. 

Do you deliver?

If you're based in Berlin, we deliver every Thursday afternoon, and since we self-distribute, we'll come to your office personally. We'll also ship outside of Berlin!

Are the drinks cold?

Our drinks are always delivered cold and ready to enjoy. 

What about the Pfand?

We pick up our Pfand when we bring more drinks! No hassle.

How much does it cost?

Prices are tailored to suit the needs of your office. Write us at and we will prepare a custom quote for you.

But we already order from a "Getränkehändler," and it's pretty easy.

That's not really a question but ordering drinks from us is definitely just as easy, if not easier than whatever your current arrangement is. Plus we like visiting offices and saying hi!

Ok I'm in! How do I order?

Write us at at and start getting Motel Beer & Coffee for your office!



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