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Five years ago we started Motel, obsessed with balance.

We started Motel to brew beer and coffee that we wanted to drink. We didn't realize it at the time, but we've been chasing the idea of balance since the beginning. If you can nail balance, you'll get flavour, aroma, mouthfeel, complexity and drinkability for free. Our custom-built brew kits, both for coffee and beer, are part of the team now. Every time we brew something, we take meticulous records. Not only because we have to (we do) but also so we can refine and improve our brews. Every time we make something we improve over the last batch. You won't always notice the difference, but we sure do.

We put everything in cans! (Sometimes in kegs)

We also have a super-duper, high-tech canning line. It changed our lives. We used to fill bottles, by hand, one at a time. Now we fill, on average, 26 cans per minute!

All it takes is a few quick changes to be able to fill coffee or beer cans on the same machine. It's even outfitted with a liquid nitrogen doser. Low doses of nitrogen can be used to scare a little oxygen off the beer, while larger doses actually infuse into the coffee, resulting in that beautiful creamy nitro mouthfeel.

Local Reinickendorf wildlife

In the old days, we used to have events. We'd invite talented friends who cook, and we'd sometimes we'd even launch special beers. We had a taco event where we released our now illegal Mexican Lager; a ChungKing Noodles party before she even had a restaurant; a monster burger bash with the best fries east of Brussels; multiple mind-blowing pizza parties with the unparalleled Lars Exit; we hosted Uppers & Downers; we even created our very own sausage and beer festival called Hopfen & Salz.

Don't worry, in the not too distant future, we will be allowed to throw parties again. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when we do.

Places to buy our drinks

Things change all the time, so we put together a small list of a few selected places that always have our drinks, and a smaller list of places that usually have our drinks.

 = Nitro Coffee / 🍺 = Beer


Lager Lager 🍺/☕
Magic Johns 🍺
ChungKing Noodles 🍺
Rocket Wine 🍺
Hopfen & Malz 🍺
Getränke Feinkost 🍺
Estelle 🍺
Hinterland 🍺
Lode & Stijn 🍺
Schneeeule Salon 🍺/☕
Bierlese 🍺/☕
Palazzo Anticrisi 🍺
Mr Susan 🍺

Kubi's Point 🍺
Protokoll 🍺/☕
Companion Tea & Coffee 🍺/☕
Mikkeller 🍺/☕
Linos BBQ 🍺
Bar am Steinplatz 🍺

Is drinkability even a word?

We're obsessed with balance and taste.

We didn’t spend all this time traipsing all over the world hunting down coffee farmers, hop growers, maltsters and winemakers, just to bury their work in a muddled mess. We’re lucky to work with such talented producers.