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Beer suppliers

Here are the farms that we put in the can.

We use hops from Bosnar Hop Farm in Styria, Slovenia, Locher-Hopfen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and Yakima Chief in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Our malt comes from Bamberger Mälzerei in Upper Franconia, Germany and from Thomas Fawcett in Yorkshire, in Northern England.

Bosnar Hop Farms

Blaž brought us into an old-world hop-region full of new school hops we didn't even existed. Bosnar hops are in almost every beer we make.


We thought we knew everything about German hops, but then we went to Tettnang and met Ludwig Locher where we discovered the Miracle of Missenhardt. It’s actually not a surprise when you learn that they've got more than 120 years experience growing hops.

Malts from the UK and Germany

We're extra proud to be using malt from the spectacular Bamberger Mälzerei in Upper Franconia for our lagers. Our ales are brewed with the finest of pale malt from our favourite Yorkshire outfit, Thomas Fawcett & Sons, Ltd.

Nitro Coffee

Not every coffee can be a nitro coffee.

Every year, we visit coffee farmers, to taste and talk our way towards that special place where acidity and sweetness, body and mouthfeel, quality and cultivation all come together at the same place on your tongue. Even more important though are the relationships we create with farmers while we're there.

Eddy Nyaega - Kiyaka Farm

A naturally processed Kenyan coffee from a new generation of coffee farmer. Eddy's coffee is unlike anything we've ever tasted and changed our perception of what Kenyan coffee can be. We bought his whole crop last year and will do the same this year, so back off!

Alvans Mutero - Mutero Estate

A big, crispy, washed Kenyan coffee from the slopes of Mt. Kenya. When we tried it, we were hit with waves of sweet and savoury brown sugar, wrapped up with a balanced citrusy acidity. Not all coffees are made for nitro, but this one sure is.

Biodynamic Wine Series - Weingut Melsheimer

It's been 4 years in a row now that we have worked together with Weingut Melsheimer in the famed Mosel region of Germany to brew a series of pale ales and IPAs using their delicious biodynamic wine must.

Biodynamic Wine Series - Burja Estate

We met biodynamic winemaker Primož Lavrenčič during one of our first hop harvest visits to Slovenia. In 2019 we made a 100% Slovenian-hopped pale ale, using Zelen wine must from Burha Estate. We weren't able to pull it off in 2020, but we will visit the Vipava Valley again in 2021 and brew the Burja Zelen Pale Ale again.